Stardust Capricorn Necklace Gold


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Stardust Capricorn Necklace Gold
Stardust Capricorn Necklace Gold

Our zodiac stardust necklace features a zodiac pendant with an etched Capricorn symbol – the goat.

Add your stone element: Earth - Citrine

Sign | Capricorn | Cardinal | December 22 - January 19 | Capricorns are true old souls with a tough exterior and gentle interior. They are traditional in many ways and can be creatures of habit. Attentive, hard-working and loyal. They are truly devoted to those closest to them. They are unique and completely individual.

Element | Earth |  Earth signs are sensual, grounded beings who show loyalty in all aspects of their lives. They are passionate and resilient.  With fierce souls and strong minds they are extremely productive and see tangible results. They are highly connected to the senses.

Stone | Citrine | Citrine is known as the crystal of abundance and self empowerment. It is said to enhance personal will, manifestation and clarity. It stokes the creativity, imagination and is one of only two crystals on earth that never need to be cleared.


  • Available sterling silver or 14crt gold vermeil plated charm 
  • Gold-fill or Sterling Silver Rope Chain
  • Length | 18inch | 44cm with 3cm extender | Extends to 47cm

To add your stone element, select with stone in the drop down.

    Stardust Capricorn Necklace Gold
    Stardust Capricorn Necklace Gold

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